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What level does Alcumus start at, and what is that like?
I got an email today saying they've revamped Alcumus, actually, and haven't looked at it - DS goes in phases with it and hasn't been doing it just lately. So this is all based on how it was a few months ago.

They have prealgebra in it now; that's a fairly recent addition. Your DS would probably enjoy it now, I guess. I recommend it. Lots of interesting and competition problems, mixes up what it offers. At your DS's age, mine needed an adult to encourage/scaffold a bit, especially because (with the default settings, anyway) it will give you some easy problems and then throw in one that's really quite challenging. You can give up, but DS was never willing to! OTOH they didn't have prealgebra then, so that should help. Give it a go. You have to fax a form for under-13s, but they dealt with it very promptly.

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