Hi all,

Forgive the dual postings. I posted this question under a different topic but was advised that I should probably post in a more relevant one so here goes again....

Has anyone sent their 5-year old to the SIG day program (in Manhattanville)? I was told by SIG that they generally take kids after they complete Kindergarten. My DS is slated to start K in September but I am thinking about sending him to SIG for the summer to give him a headstart. He is reading at 1st or 2nd grade level, math at 1st grade level and writing at K level. My only concern is the format of instruction - it is 3 period of 90 minutes each. They say they make it engaging but I have no idea if my 5yo will endure that having never been in a classroom setting, notwithstanding his good attention span.

Any feedback/opinions/advice?