does anyone know if collages look at ib schools? i am looking for a middle school for my daughter and a friend of mine was telling me about this ib middle school. i am not sure tho. i was thinking about putting her in a magnet school for math and sciences but i need to put her in some where that collages will look. i have no funds for collage yet and i really need to she wants to become a surgon and she has stuck with that for about 6 years now. so she has a plan for herself and my part would be to make sure she gets what she wants lol. someone else told me that it does not matter what school she goes to it matters on what her test scores are because they go into a public school record, is that true? so can anyone help me? my daughter is now is 4th grade and i know i have a while to be thinking about coolage but i just want to keep my options open ya know.