Like my dd4, I think I went for a full blown melt-down. Too much head gaming when to school this one and where to school that one.

So many, many, many thanks for all of you on here who reached out to my post on isolation. I'm back on the grid again. Took a much needed holiday in GT denial land! the oppresive weight of "not" talking about anything related to your kids other than their clothing or wipe-outs really can suck you dry. I laughed back out of denial this week though as my dd6 and i were playing with kids in and around her age. I look one girl in the eyes and said "underpants" (cheap laughter followed - I know the crowd). So she kept saying "telling me another joke". My daughter keeps trying to tell them real jokes... if a red man lives in a red house, and a blue man in a blue house, who lives in the white house; what is the longest word in the dictionary - smiles because there is a miles between the s's, and which is richer a river or a lake - a river because it has two banks. Of course none of the kids got her jokes - and my dd doesn't think potty words said to your face are funny. Back out of GT denial baby. She is who God made her to be - time to embrace it unapologetically.

Thank you. All the time. Thank you.