Crisc - i just read your post, and I'm angry along with you! I'm so sorry about this awful meeting. It makes no sense. And since it is a public school, they have no right to tell you that they cannot help your child; it is their duty, isn't it?

I would ask them more specifics about what sort of social/emotional behaviors they are talking about. I would ask if he is socially/emotionally in a normal range of all first graders. If there are current 1st graders who exhibit any similar behaviors, ask if they are also being held back or promoted to the next grade. If he is working ahead of his chrono peers in everything, explain to them that keeping him in 1st grade is like making a 3rd grader do 1st grade again, or a 2nd grader do kindergarten again. Would that 3rd grader be likely to happily do the work he already knows how to do?

Sorry - i don't really have any concrete advice, but I hope that things work out.

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