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I view gifted programs that offer experiences to gifted students that would actually benefit more students than are given access to them to be elitist.
At one point, advanced academics were provided based on student need for advanced material in order to learn something new.

Then came a movement to provide advanced academics to those who need or may benefit from the the advanced material. The students who "may benefit from" the advanced academics often needed additional supports. An example was allowing students to enroll in AP courses, without having taken prerequisites. While focusing on this group, the needs of the highest group of students (gifted students) tended to be ignored.

I am a proponent of expanding the number of seats in any gifted program or advanced academics to meet the number of pupils who qualify.

I am as well. I am also a proponent of making sure that the offerings are focused on advanced academics that are appropriate for gifted students. So not merely acceleration into classes for average students and not "enrichment."

And as far as qualifying goes, I am a proponent of making it essentially opt-in while at the same time ensuring that standards remain high. This means that students who opt in and for whom the work is too difficult are allowed to exit the program or class easily and without penalty. This is different from what you describe regarding AP classes being dumbed down to appeal to a larger group.