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Hello philly, how interesting of you to share what informs YOUR viewpoint, as though this must also be what has informed spaghetti's viewpoint.

In the list of links which you provided, I find nothing newer than 5 years old, therefore I do question the current tense of spaghetti's statement that "in some places they are not recognizing minorities, children from impoverished backgrounds, etc."

Although some may disagree, it makes sense to seek clarification, facts, data, policy, and source.

It makes sense to seek clarification, etc. when we're talking about things that are rarely discussed or generally unknown, especially when it's an uninformed audience. But this isn't such a community. At the minimum, based on the frequency of your posting, you certainly don't post like you're an uninformed member of the community.

So, you can understand my surprise when you start demanding proof for something that is heavily discussed in the gifted education space. You certainly have to come across it many, many times prior to this thread. If you don't agree with it then just say that instead of asking posters to jump through empty hoops.

And it's not about what informs my perspective or spaghetti's, it's the information repeatedly discussed and shared by the people who research and engage this field. Similarly, the 5 years don't matter. If you have more recent facts, data, policy, or sources, just attach it instead of demanding proof of something and then trying to minimize the information you received without rising to the standard that you tried to set for others.