I recently stumbled upon some interesting research that is being done on the future of work, and differences between "cognitive" and "physical" jobs. Haven't had the time to read it myself yet, unfortunately:

Another fascinating (to me!) topic of research is the topic of health extension.
Basically, pursuing efforts to eradicate diseases that are still plaguing us (such as cancer, Alzheimer...) might result in trying to reverse the process of aging, as a lot of diseases humans are dying from in developed countries actually are caused by aging.

Here a list of projects in that branch of research from The Foresight Institute:

Might seem offtopic, but it seems like a lot of people interested in building "something new" are working either on artificial intelligence or longevity research. In that sense, in a world increasingly driven by AI technologies, we will probably also see more and more attempts at somehow modifying? improving? human biology

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