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There are so many math acceleration options now, that he can easily advance without leaving the high school and all the benefits for a teen. If he is math way accelerated, I was in math, then I would recommend an school like MIT or Caltech. But he also has to decide what he likes.

I have stated here before, but you may not have seen it, there was a kid at Hunter who finished a math and physics degree at Columbia and had his graduation a week before his high school graduation at Hunter. And then went on to that math center at NYU for grad or whatever level he was at. But it is good if a student is way advanced in math to still maintain his high school stuff in English, history, economics or whatever. What if he wants to apply his math to economics. It is a good idea to have these other subjects to explore his interests.

Thing is, he's not WAY more advanced in math than he is in any other subject. But then, I'm not convinced he's WAY advanced in math either. He does school well and passes math classes, but that's not the same thing. He struggled a bit with AOPS Geometry, and he didn't feel very engaged with AMC10 when he gave it a try, though he did okay at MOEMS. Frankly he doesn't think he's interested in pure math or science at all, as much as it would be fun for me if I produced a kid with my physics talents but more grit and persistence, LOL. It's absolutely the case that he is taking high school as an opportunity to find out WHAT his interests even are! smile If nothing else, I'm hoping that by the time he's a senior and gets priority for scheduling, he can FINALLY get access to Woodshop. It's the most in-demand course at our school, and he LOVED it in middle school. Suited his perfectionism to a tee. wink

But here we are coming back to the actual concern that brought me here in the first place. If he's just about as advanced in ELA as he is in math, should he be considering acceleration there, too? I feel like AP Lit is going to be the answer to his prayers when it comes to having people to really discuss actually meaningful literature with. So maybe he should be given the opportunity to access that ASAP? (Like not this year, I don't think we could handle another switch, but maybe next year?) And so on and so forth...I have tried so hard not to have to second-guess my choices up until now, and just to go with the flow and follow his happiness as a gauge, but my poor brain is really perseverating now that he's got a High School Transcript in the works. D: