Right, skipping this class would not EVEN have been on my radar as something to request. My game plan was to add AOPS C&P later this fall if he still needed more. But it's the math teacher suggesting this, and he seems really confident in his suggestion. We are a tiny high school and there are only two math teachers, he's the one who teaches the upper level and AP classes so he knows the whole trajectory we are looking at. My son also took an Accuplacer exam this morning, which I think will be the final determiner if he really is qualified to move up, but he felt good about it. I have left this mostly in his court, and he has talked to the teacher. Ultimately he is mostly looking forward to having other engaged, college-bound kids in his class, instead of reluctant seniors trying to get credit for a required class.

Our district does Glencoe math which I don't love. So it will be very algorithmic. I'm comparing the TOC of the two texts, and the topics in Alg that I expect will be significantly new to him, are also there in Precalc. I am honestly more concerned that he CAN do the class BECAUSE it's highly algorithmic, than anything else. So we'll see.

Anyway, it really feels like this math acceleration is a done deal, unless he really flounders. So that's what's got my mind whirling about what the rest of his high school is going to look like, in all subjects. Like, if there is no AP science at this school, will he be overlooked for consideration at a selective STEM school? Or is community college calculus-based physics just as good? And so on...ugh, my mind is whirling. I guess for now it's just one decision at a time, and see where it leads!