i found the charter application for my ds6 school, it is 107 pgs long but going thru very quickly i found 2 important pgs that discuss identifying gifted kids and their SAS program (my DS was "verified" and was accepted into this school in their SAS program), it discusses that they WILL use differentiated learning, and compacting curriculum and pretesting etc....
another page discusses the differentiated learning in more depth.

i scrolled thru it all very quickly, i am sure there might possibly be more pages...

**could this document that THEY filled out to receive Charter status- work in my favor? a reminder my situ-they are currently NOT differentiating AT ALL,my DS in SAS is doing the same work as ALL the kids incl kids who do not know their abc's (DS reads),
could i simply in a mtg with principal suggest that maybe i MISUNDERSTOOD about the SAS but i am confused b/c i read it clearly in their charter app which was accepted that they do SAS and differentiate etc????

this is a sort of round about approach of suggesting, they aren't maybe following what they said they would do--- without me actually saying so directly or accusatory.

? anyone?
i was shocked today to see another nearby schools kinder work- WOW! the child is NOT in SAS program and they get ALOT of work, not busy work but actual journal writing, book reports etc! the math still iffy but they are reading and i love the more indepth lang arts! my DS gets none of this. interesting, both schools use same books- BUT the other school gives the students the actual books to take home, my DS gets a photocopy pg. also, they do not get all the other stuff, this other schl gives plenty more. and just having the actual book. that's nice.

(in glance thru it? my DS could easily do the entire Envisions math book for kinder in a wkd.
ok thanks again

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