more good advice smile
thanks again.
deedee i will look into that book! thank you,
and evemomma i totally get what you are saying.
and very very true about your comment it is hard on them- YES, when people say how lucky my ds is so high functioning etc, i say maybe, maybe not, he is VERY aware that he is slightly different, that can make life sorta sad for him, (he has no anxiety issues thankfully) and he wants to fit in and be friends,
now because he also is so smart- for that reason alone the kids don't always get what he is talking about or interested in what he is saying and because of his autism, he doesn't always recognize the social cues they are giving off, so he keeps on. then is hurt when he realizes they really aren't listening... he doesn't get that always.
surprisingly, sometimes he does get it. and he catches himself and he stops.self regulating?

re the kid doing it on purpose- he's a 5yo with adhd, so it was more about lack of impulse control for this kiddo than trying to make cade upset. i think. the kid is really super sweet why i think that, but again- very very impulsive.
still yes, ds needs to get over it a lot quicker! not get so upset. he is learning to let things slide... with me as mom he should totally be able to let things roll, because i am very laid back and try to go with it.

i think yes, things in future will be interesting but i am choosing to be positive and envisioning good things and a quality education for ds, in an enriching learning environment, one in which he is happy, making friends and enjoying his social life smile
i know nothing is so simple, but i am always hopeful smile

One can never consent to creep when
one feels an impulse to soar!
~Helen Keller