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Ha! If you have a kid who could graduate from high school by age 10, shouldn't that tell them that it won't do her any good to refuse to let her out of 3rd grade? smile

You know, I think that was the thing that got to me the most - they didn't seem to get that what they were saying was contradicting what they had said a minute before.

Edwin, we are looking at going on to the next step higher at the school, but the state just passed a huge budget cut and ALL of the teachers at the school in grades 4 and 5 have been given pink slips and the school doesn't know if they will be allowed to even hire them back, so we're now not even sure about the future of the entire program. crazy

We have done an IAS before, but not with this school, so if we find out that there will still be a program next year then we'll have one ready for them to look at.

This may really end up to be the time that we finally give up the last of our gifted denial and accept that homeschooling is the best option for DD. (Boy have we hung on to that for a long time now. blush )

We applied to DYS when DD was 6, but her WISC IV score was just under the cut off, and since the tester had never tested gt kids before, and she hit the ceiling in a bunch of sub-tests we know the results are not very accurate. So, we are looking into getting her retested before the end of the school year. Then we'll see where things are and if we can re-apply.

We are looking into other schools in the area for flexibility and a better fit, we actually were already sort of looking because it hasn't been a great fit from the start, but you know - a somewhat of a fit is better than the bad fit we had before, so we've lived with it.