Oh, yeah. There was the time when D (now 16) was about 4, and I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (big treat). But... we were out of fat free Coolwhip (what they usually have with them), so just this one time I said they could have vanilla ice cream with them instead. Older D was thrilled, but the four year old threw a fit and wouldn't eat it. Just because it wasn't what she was used to.

A couple of tricks we have tried over the years:
- Bribery - D did not want to learn to swim, but she did want dance lessons. We made it a condition... get through level 4 of swimming, and you can have the dance lessons. She did it. Hated dance once she got there, but that is another story smile
- When they start something new, let them go for a one session try-out of you can arrange it. D started fencing this year. She really wasn't sure about it, so I asked the club if she could come one time and check it out before we commmited for a full quarter. She did, was comfortable enough to return, and now really loves it.