I just got back from meeting with the school regarding DS6 and the plans for next year. I am so upset.

A little background--currently DS6 attends the local public school. He is in K in the morning and 1st grade in the afternoons. Since I am almost positive the Private School for the Gifted that we have signed him up for will not open in the fall due to lack of enrollment and lack of funds I had planned a meeting with the school to firm up plans for next year.

According to the school despite working above grade level in all assessed areas they do not feel that he has fully completed the complete 1st grade curriculum and socially/emotionally it is in his best interest to attend 1st grade next year!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently DS6 is severely underchallenged and has completely given up on school. He is no longer making any real effort to complete his work. Socially/emotionally he is constantly getting into trouble--mostly by being rude to adults. We are still in the process of waiting for a complete Neuropsych eval and I have a feeling that we may be dealing with a NLD/Aspergers type issue as well.

During the meeting the Assistant Prinical actually asked me why I didn't choose to homeschool and that he was sorry that the district is not really able to help my son. His daughter actually teaches in the autism/aspergers program at the middle school level but he said that nothing exists at the elementary school level. He also told me that he hoped I got an Asperger's diagnosis (but not NLD) since we could then have a 504 plan to adress both academic and emotional/social needs.

They are also planning to do their own WISC-IV testing prior to the end of the school but I told them that I didn't want him tested unless I knew about it beforehand and it had to be done first thing in the morning so he wasn't randomly pulled from recess or snack time. I also think that it would be helpful for him to know he was getting tested.

It was so hard to hear the K and 1st grade teacher tell me that although DS6 is VERY smart--he was not a good student and they both agreed that he should not be accelerated. They think that I should focus more on his emotional/social needs and less on his academic needs.