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... human efforts to improve their own condition...
I question the definition of "their own" in the quoted post, as it could be referring to:
- an individual's own condition on a personal level (self-determination)
- humanity at large, the human gene pool, all humanoids (experimentation).

One's view of the ethics may depend upon:
- which side of a transaction one finds themselves on... experimenter or experimentee (subject),
- whether one had freely entered into an agreement (informed consent) -OR- whether one was coerced, pressured, threatened, or an action was mandated.

It's been nearly 5 years since this article was written:
Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030
by Sarwant Singh
November 20, 2017
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... body augmentation capabilities will give rise to humans that are more resilient, optimized and continually monitored. They will also lead to implications around which job opportunities are available to those with and without augmented abilities, as well as impacting sports competition with hierarchies based on body augmentation.
(emphasis added)