Out of what we have, the Amelia Bedelia chapter books have larger text than most "real" books and a good smattering of interesting illustrations in the margins to break things up.


As far as books with lots of pictures, my son loves the Studio Ghibli movies and there are lovely books that have full page illustrations from the movie with a nice amount of text overlayed on them. They have a lot of challenging new words, but no wall of text issues. Plus they are very interesting stories. I recommend Ponyo, Totoro, The Cat Returns, The Secret World of Arrietty (the link for this one includes some picture to see what the inside of the books look like), and Kiki's Delivery Service for young children. Some of the other books have some sections that may be a little scary for kids depending on the child. As there isn't a lot of text per page, the books are very long, about a hundred pages each. I highly recommend them.