I second the Geronimo Stilton books. Big hit in my house, lots of words yet still lots of pictures. Captain Underpants was a huge hit with my DS.

My son also enjoyed Encyclopedia Brown, Mrs Piggle Wiggle and other "chapter books" where each chapter is it's own short story.

I also recommend advanced picture books. I'm a huge fan of Bill Peete, his books are still picture books yet have a lot of words on one page. And the language is more complex than a first chapter book. First chapter books the language (lexile level) is often very easy and the stories a bit boring. In K my son mostly liked non-fiction, and he was reading books like Magic School Bus books (some of them have a lot of text) and non-fiction books about science & animals.

Last suggestion, if you are not already start READING chapter books with your child. Choose ones that are 2-3 years above their reading level. One chapter a night there are many great books to choose from.

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