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22B, it's just me, probably...

but with a child who is just now, what-- six? seven?

I wouldn't be too concerned with choosing a college just yet. Two reasons for that.

1. You really don't know-- yet-- what that track of mathematics to calculus will look like. My DD seemed to be on that same track when she was 5-7yo. [...]
I agree, but I'm assuming 22B's planning in the same sense I am - knowing that the plan is not likely to survive the first encounter with the enemy, but finding that it eases anxiety to have some idea what the future might look like.

And of course, while a child who at 5-7 looks very advanced may look less so later, it can go the other way, too. A plan that has courses in lock-step with a one-course-a-year plan once a child reaches high school level makes my blood run cold - no way would that have been feasible for DS. In the spirit of calming anxiety, I've had a top-secret :-) "what he might be doing when" document for years. I revise it regularly, but I'm still waiting for the time I have to revise it because he's going slower than I'd planned.

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