This is a copy of an email I had forgotten about. Lots of great info here. Hope this helps someone.

If you are struggling to find the right educational setting for your bright student, you are not alone. It can be very challenging to locate appropriate options, and, unfortunately, there is not one prescribed program that works well for all gifted students. In our work, we've found the two most important characteristics of a school administration and staff is that they are open-minded and flexible in offering accommodations for your child.

In searching for an appropriate school, you may wish to read through these articles. The first two are written to parents of gifted students, while the last two are more general:

Finding the best school for your gifted child: Recommended questions to ask

Choosing the Right School for Your Gifted Child

What Makes a Good School
(click on the article from this link)

How to Evaluate and Choose a School

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