Two questions - does it make much sense to differentiate a child in math who has scores as posted above? Ds8 has a avg-low PSI, resulting in poor performance on (certain)timed tests, but then is badly frustrated with repetition in math class, loves to discuss concepts in math and did pretty darn well in learning his multiplication facts this last year/ended the year with an easy A.
So, a broad gamut as far as performance.
I guess what I would like to see is some attempt to move more quickly through the regular curriculum for him, at the least, and skip the month+ of review at the beginning of the year, for sure. (Whatever the right term for this would be...)

Second question - does the individual administered version of the NNAT show only overall/general intellectual ability? Is there a 'math' component? Is it in any way comparable to the WISC, GAI or FSIQ?

He is in the gt program for Lang. Arts, not Math, no expectation at this time of his getting much in the way of math adjustment unless I ask. Would it be foolish?


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