A Bill that passed the Senate this July had a provision stating that all new teachers would need to have training in the special needs of Gifted Students. I hope it passes the House with the same provision. Here's a link to stay current with this bill

For Immediate Release
July 24th, 2007
A bill requiring teacher training in G&T was included in the
For Immediate Release
July 24th, 2007


WASHINGTON � Senator Chuck Grassley today said that provisions he has pushed for were included in the Higher Education Authorization Bill that passed the Senate today. Grassley has twice introduced legislation that would have made similar changes to the current law that the bill passed today included.

The bill includes Grassley provisions that would require teacher preparation programs receiving grants through the bill to improve the knowledge of new teachers about the unique needs of gifted and talented students.

�Gifted and talented children actually have a different way of looking at the world. They tend to have distinct approaches to learning and interacting socially, and they frequently learn at a different pace, and to different depths, than others their age,� Grassley said. �Unfortunately, the vast majority of teacher preparation programs do not require prospective classroom teachers to have coursework in gifted education. If teachers aren't exposed to information about the needs of gifted students in their pre-service training, they may never acquire the necessary knowledge."

Current law provides funds to partnerships among teacher preparation institutions, schools of arts and sciences and high-need school districts to strengthen new teacher education and allows these partnerships to use funds for preparing teachers to work with diverse populations. The Grassley provisions included in the Higher Education Authorization bill require that any teacher preparation institution receiving a grant reform its curriculum to ensure that prospective teachers develop the skills to identify and meet the specific learning needs of gifted and talented students, as well as other special populations of students.

Grassley has been the leading advocate for talented and gifted children in the U.S. Congress and has worked to ensure that they have access to the education needed to reach their full potential. Grassley advanced legislation that would expand the availability of gifted education services and he was successful in expanding the benefits available for gifted students through the No Child Left Behind Act.


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