As many gifted pupils may aspire to attend Harvard, and parents of gifted or high-achieving students may want their children to attend Harvard, it may be important to share on this forum that the Harvard Crimson is recapping recent articles which summarize and present information indicating that Harvard President Claudine Gay may have plagiarized several works.

Despite Support From Corporation, Harvard President Gay Under Fire Over Plagiarism Allegations
By Rahem D. Hamid, Nia L. Orakwue, and Elias J. Schisgall
Harvard Crimson
December 12, 2023
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Harvard President Claudine Gay is facing allegations of plagiarism after a report in the Washington Free Beacon on Monday and a Sunday post on Substack claimed she plagiarized portions of four academic works over 24 years, including her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation at Harvard.
While all persons are presumed innocent unless proven guilty, the various articles appear to provide strong evidence that the word choice or diction is remarkably similar to earlier works of other persons.

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