oh now I have one more reason to move to California!!! unfortunately lack of a job out there keeps me from migrating!!

Rite, on the very first day of preschool, which just happened to be a few weeks after the Atlanta Olympics, walked into the room with his father and yelled, "Oh NO!! It's a pipe bomb!! Everybody hit the ground!!" Then scurried under a table and peaked out at the teacher. She was appalled and his preschool life was hedoubletoothpicks.

Then in 3rd grade, his teacher did what your son's does Mayreeh, she let Rite wander around the room while she taught the class. I asked her why once and she said "He knows the answer and always knows whats going on. So, I let him wander and get the ants out of his pants." Interesting thing is, she's the same teacher Mite has. She can't seem to stand Mite, who is mild mannered and stays in his seat.

Anyhow, Karen, in pursuit of your solution, have you ever had your son assessed for auditory processing issues? I've been told by our sped coordinator that a lot of kids who score so exceptionally high in the "abstract or perceptual" reasoning subtests have capd or other auditory issues. Dealing with the stress of that can lead to behavioral difficulties.

just a thought...i'm not a gifted ed professional.

bless ya!

Willa Gayle