Students participating in the Writing Talent Search will have their essays graded by an instructor from the Rutgers Writing Department. This will allow them to compare their composition skills to college freshmen and also receive valuable feedback that will enable them to improve their composition skills.

The essay has been posted on the HEROES web-site and is accessible to students registered for the program. Students can submit their qualifying round essays through the HEROES web-site anytime after December 1. Essays submitted by December 31 will be graded in time to determine if students are eligible to take the Rutgers English Placement Test during the 4th Annual HEROES Conference. Students who submit essays after December 31 or who choose not to take the English Placement Test during the conference will have two additional opportunities to take the English Placement Test in the spring.

Results of the English Placement Test will be used to select Semi-Finalists, Finalists and scholarship awardees. English Placement Test results will also be used to determine eligibility to enroll in Basic Composition (355:100) and Expository Writing (355:101). Rutgers has worked with HEROES to develop special sections of these classes that use the same standards and formats for all other sections of these courses but uses reading selections that are developmentally appropriate for students under the age of 16.

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