The awesome experience we've had with PS has apparently hit it's first bump.

A couple of weeks ago DP and I noticed that our DS6's attitude seemed to be changing. I thought maybe it was just spring fever. Yesterday he got sent to the Principal for kicking his teacher. The teacher was a substitute and didn't know my son. She made a comment regarding "such a small boy and such a large book". DS completely overreacted and kicked her. Fast forward to our conversation.... DS agreed that he overreacted but explained that he was tired of being thought of as a baby! I asked him to clarify and he told me that he's being teased and bullied by a boy in his 4th grade class. He said it's been going on for a couple of weeks. He didn't tell me because he was afraid that I would pull him out of the class and it's his favorite (math) He said the boy is always very careful not to do or say anything in front of the teacher.

I asked him if he'd said anything to the boy. My DS said that the first time the boy teased him he had said "You're just jealous because I can do your homework, and i'm only 6!" Apparently this just made the kid mad and it's escalated since.

Part of me wants to bring my son home and protect him from all the idiots of the world, part of me wants to smack the kid upside the head! Leaving those two choices behind, I have a meeting with the math teacher tomorrow morning before classes begin.

I knew it wouldn't last forever, but it's so sad!

Mom to DS 10, DS 11, DS 13
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