I am just so saddened by what happened to your DS. I think now that Teacher is not communicating with you, time to go over her head. I"d talk to the Principal who will likely want the teacher present. You might suggest talking to the PRincipal alone first then have the teacher come in....that way you can say what you want to say. Have the gems you posted here in writing and available. AND BE SURe to talk about this in terms of how your son felt....make this about him....My son felt...WHen I bring it up my son bursts into tears on 4 occasions and cried for 3hrs.

There is a way to same something and there is a way to same something.....she chose the wrong way.

Let's see....
Jimmy, how much time did you spend on your poster? (TONE greatly matters) 15min? Why did you spend so little time on it? You weren't interested in the topic and would have rather written about WWII? I see. Next time, will you please tell me so we can perhaps come up with a different assignment?

Here are the skills, knowledge base you will need for Mrs. XYX class. Which areas do you think you still need to work on? How can I help you to reach these goals? No ideas? how about we try ABC?

OK, no way to make the "not at the top of my class" any better. mad

Anyhow, it's easy to see what we would do but we are not in your shoes. Your son's mental health is of paramount importance. I agree w/ the other poster that stated what your son might learn from this...that he is powerless against teachers. I too have issues w/ coming up against teachers...I was brought up to respect them and hold them in highest regard. IMO this teacher deserves no such respect. If she will say that in front of you, I wonder what she is saying in front of the kid. And if this is a tactic she wanted to try, she should have discussed such a tactic with you first.