thanks so much for your post - I have been SO concerned about my DS6 - he has Sensory disorder (but is not on the autistic/asperger scale) and is gifted and he started with his "rages" last year right before we pulled him out of his preschool. He was bored silly, was being picked on my other kids and was totally sensory overwhelmed and learned how to just "rage" to deal with everything he was feeling. We didn't realize it was so bad at school until it had gotten to the point it did and we yanked him. The outbursts have gotten less frequent,but they still occur a few times a week....when he has just reached his point of anything he just has these out of control, bananas rages were he yells and stomps and every once in a while takes a swing at whatever is closest to him ( a HUGE no-no in our books). I have learned that he has OE's and we have been searching and searching our area for a psych or counselor to help him and us to better understand how to deal with them. So I have been following this thread hoping to glean some information to help!