DS used to have fits like this sometimes, we used to call them 'rages' and they were very worrisome to us. It was like a tantrum to the nth degree. We couldn't console him, couldn't calm him down, nothing. It was as if he was completely out of control and not aware of anything but what he was feeling. We mentioned it to his pediatrician, but were told that all kids have tantrums and it was normal. BUT, none of the other tantrums I witnessed in other kids were like this. So, we just figured out that if we just sat down out of the way and let him get whatever it was out (watching him of course), that was about the only way to get thru it. The more we tried to intervene, the worse it got. He was always worn out afterward, but then it was over and like nothing had happened, he was ready to be comforted. The only way I can describe it is like a purging. It was as if he just had to get everything out and language wasn't his strongest area. I still don't know what exactly the cause was, but I believe it was frustration and stress. We didn't know DS was 'gifted' at those ages, although we had an idea that something was different. I wish we had known or had access to people who could have clued us in, perhaps we could have helped him thru some of those tough times. Things are definitely better as he's gotten older - almost 9 now. Good luck to you and your little one.