I agree with the article in the atlantic. The problem is not with the SAT, it is the 13 years of education for these disadvantaged minorities. It has been proven over decades now, that you can create schools in these environments, where 3 meals are given over the weekdays, you provide a nuturing environment, and push the academics, not just the lowest you can go, that the children respond. They feel they are in a safe and nurturing environment, get fed and do well and then can compete with everyone else on the SAT. We know that if we do this, it works. Another peeve. Arguing about Afghanistan now. It was a trillion dollar mistake. A trillion dollars that could have been invested in schools, an investment in children here. Can you imagine what that would mean if that trillion dollars had been invested in low income neighborhood schools? But going back to back to the whole math thing. If the people running the US were smarter, then they would realize that old style military is like using a cavalry. China is using technology that they could hack anything. Russia, the same. Do you see them worrying about a huge military? No, they know they can just hack and do things like destroying the oil process in southern US and causing a gas shortage. How many soldiers did that require? If you were running a company, where would you make the investments? And that brings us back to the original problem. Education is treated as a nonessential. At least not strategic. That is the big mistake. Education should be more strategic than buying more warships.