I recently posted in this forum about Math Learning "Gaps". The background is that my DS10, 6th grade, was just given a test to assess his competency in the 7th grade Accelerated honors class, that combines 7th/8th grade Math in one year, which is followed by 8th grade honors math (Algebra I) the following year. The reason for this test was to see if the Accelerated 7/8 class would be the right fit for next year when he enters 7th grade.

Results are in, and he has a grade of 84 in the 7th grade part, and a grade of 56 in the 8th grade part. Without any preparation or instruction he already "knows" the 7th grade part.

The school is offering me the option of "summer school" for him, ONE-ON-ONE, to fill in the gaps that he doesn't know in the 8th grade material. The goal being to prepare him to take 8th grade Honors Math (Algebra I) in September when he enters 7th grade.

If he does well in the summer tutoring, and is well prepared to enter 8th grade honors math, he would skip over the Accelerated 7/8 class. 8th grade honors math is Algebra I for 8th grade students.

The teacher who administered the assessment test this week is "hesitant", I was told. She said to make sure "mom knows this is a rigorous class!"

Again, school has never done this before. Uncharted territory, guidance counselor told me.

Need your ideas to help me know if this is good for my son. How do I present this option to him? HELP...