Those involved in research, studying in STEM fields, or reading and citing academic papers may be interested in a recent article referenced by Retraction Watch.

Why Research Fraud Is Getting Worse -
Until we disincentivize number-fudging, academic scientists will continue to cheat.

by Walt Gardener
Nov 22, 2023
The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

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As one [person] put it, the key to getting published in an academic journal involves five steps: Donít pick an important problem, donít challenge existing beliefs, donít obtain surprising results, donít use simple methods, and donít write clearly. A serious look at the scientific literature reveals that much of it is scientifically meaningless.

But as long as researchers are heralded primarily on the basis of how often they publish rather than on the quality of their publications, little will change.
In short, careerism prevails, while the actual advancement of human knowledge flounders.

a visual depiction of the advancement of human knowledge
Matt Might's "The illustrated guide to a Ph.D."