Mine is has loosened up (a little) over the years, but I thought you would enjoy this....

One day little A, who was probably 2nd grade, was playing at the neighbors. I went to get him because his sisters and I decided it would be fun to go get ice cream. The fit he threw was enormous and any witness would be fairly certain I had hit him, or was at least pinching his arm the whole way home the way he carried on.

Fast forward a couple years, again playing at the neighbors....I go to get him because Daddy is coming home early to take him to a
pro baseball game. Oh Lordy, you would think the child was being tortured.

Yes, we did finally learn that A needs a little more time to switch gears.

Yesterday afternoon he was going shopping with dad to get new shoes. Dad said "We'll bring the bike and stop at the lake on our way home so that I can get in my run and you can keep me company"
The melt down included tears...he is now 14.