Hi, my DYS son (almost 7) has been going to a competitive gifted public school in NYC and it hasn't been working... he is not thriving academically and "hates" school... thinks he is stupid compared to the other kids... never has playdates... the mothers are strangely cliquely and I feel uncomfortable too. Plus there is a long commute, he spends an hour and a half in the car each day. He has some 2E stuff happening, like many of our kids, for example for most of this year he would not write anything... he has an advanced grasp of mathematical concepts but still counts on his fingers. He reads at probably a 9th grade level, so much of the year he spent reading in a corner and ignoring the teacher. I've been "this close" to homeschooling since November.

We have just been offered a spot at a very sweet, progressive neighborhood school we can walk to. I have a baby who could also go to this school, and I LOVE the idea of investing in my neighborhood this way, being part of a warm community, etc.

But the head of the school-- a very well-known educator who has started several great schools in NYC-- uttered the dreaded words when I asked if they could accommodate a gifted kid:
"all kids are gifted."

I need to register him-- and tell the other school-- TODAY if we are going to take the spot.


I am afraid he will feel that he "failed" at the gifted school.

I am afraid it was just a bad teacher this year, maybe if we stuck it out things would improve.