DD4.5 is still on her comic book phase. I'm pretty sure we've borrowed all the sanitized DC Comic books from the library. I've bought her a few My Little Pony ones but they are so expensive. I am tolerating this since I believe in child-led learning but I am hoping she'd get tired of them very soon. I'm going to borrow the Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind series next to see if it's age appropriate for her.

DD is re-reading Charlotte's Web because I won't let her watch the movie unless she finishes the book first. The edition we have with color illustrations is easier to read than most chapter books. I think paper quality and text size make a difference.

At her school, DD and two other girls have bonded together but I am a bit concerned about exclusive they have become so I'm thinking about reading The Hundred Dresses with her next. I'm not sure if you'd feel comfortable with the subject matter and it is a rather depressing story but I think it's another example of chapter books that are physically easy to read because of font size and spacing.

DD still is very much into picture books. When she finds the ones she loves, she wants to read them over and over. The latest hits were Uni the Unicorn and Gaston.

Overall, I'd say DD spends less than 1/4 of her reading time on "real" literature books and with those books, we take turns reading and I do check her comprehension and go over key vocabulary words. I don't think she'd be able to read complex chapter books independently for a few more years.