I have a 17 year old who I “homeschool” through a program and truthfully she attends college. She is graduating high school a year early and will be an official college student starting in September. This year she has a 400 level independent research class that has resulted in an abstract being submitted to a scientific conference where she will have a poster. The problem is that the poster does not fall into any category which means that she can not apply for a grant from the scientific conference. The university is a state university which means it is limited in funding and it is expected not to have the funds to support many of these kinds of activities. The conference is expensive to attend never mind travel and lodging. Lastly since she is under 18 they can not publish her abstract or make public her work. I want her to be able to attend the conference. I am looking for ways to fund this endeavor and hoping for some advice from some of you out there. Also looking for anyone who has been there done this and ideas on the under 18 problem and other snags we may find along the way. I plan to contact Davidson but feel unlikely that this will help as she was just below criteria for admittance to the program. Thank-you a head of time.