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    Joined: Jun 2012
    Posts: 517
    Joined: Jun 2012
    Posts: 517
    Originally Posted by Dude
    I almost never report posts, and I did not in this case. I even had a post removed from this conversation (in response to another which was also removed while I was already crafting a response), and I don't have a problem with that.

    Reading through 22B's posts in this conversation, it seemed like a whole lot of arguing for the sake of arguing (what was all that about the nonexistence of gifted magnets, anyway?), and then he overreacted to moderation, which I would expect is the primary reason for the ban. I'd say you can just about count on getting banned anytime you make too much of moderator actions on a moderated forum. To make a mess of a metaphor, First Amendment arguments don't hold a lot of water in someone else's sandbox.

    Unmoderated forums tend to descend to the lowest common denominator, and we're a population with a strong current of emotional overexcitability, so the choice is between some questionable moderation choices, or outright flame war. I choose the former.
    yes this

    I didn't report 22B - actually this is my first post in this thread - but I have been reading it daily and was quite surprised by the tangents and level of feeling in some of the posts, I was wondering how long it would take for a moderator to get involved

    Joined: Sep 2007
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    Val Offline
    Joined: Sep 2007
    Posts: 3,298
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    Originally Posted by Lewis
    Only a few minutes later, 22B posted a very similar argument using "code" for racist comments. This post was also reported as very offensive. Once again, after reviewing the post, it was determined that the tone of the argument had indeed become more offensive. That post was deleted, another reminder post was made and 22B was messaged privately regarding the matter.

    Following that, 22B posted several things complaining about his posts getting deleted. They openly admitted that they had never read the rules. After reading the rules, another post was made arguing that the rules were too vague and that moderators were hired for the soul purpose of "bullying and trolling" users such as themselves. That was the comment that resulted in the banning.

    Respectfully, you opened a can of worms and people are trying to deal with it. Shutting down the discussion won't help.

    I now vaguely remember 22B's original post. It was provocative but not racist. Saying, "someone set up a school to meet their own quotas" isn't racist. Racist would be making judgments about people based solely on race. 22B didn't do that.

    His second post was specifically about a school in his district, and he very clearly noted his opinion that admissions decisions were being made for political reasons, to the detriment of students. Again, this is not racist. Saying that races exist or that decisions about race are made for political reasons is NOT racist.

    IMO, censoring a member because s/he made a statement that makes others uncomfortable is a suboptimal approach and is detrimental to the community as a whole.

    Last edited by Val; 11/10/14 12:17 PM.
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