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Isn't the deal with facts that its only as true as the author has made it. Real hard facts are hard to come by //

Im no linguistic expert, but my understanding is that the former description is of truth and the latter (ie. real hard facts) are facts.

We, collectively as the human race, know very little, and as individuals, we each know far less. Our experiences have a great impact on how we understand and negotiate the real universe so on a personal level, that is important, but the universe operates according to a set of immutable rules which we only understand imperfectly through models, so ideally, we would do better if we, individually and collectively, keep trying to improve/refine our models for understanding.

Most of us, at some point, realise just how limited and flawed our own models are; then the question becomes how much effort is worth spending to continue to expand & refine our understanding, or whether we just use what weve got and find opportunities to enjoy and appreciate whatever we have.