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Hi Tara,

I really like the sound of the egg cracking tradition! I had a question:

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Then we hit our egg against someone else's egg and try to crack the other person's egg. Everyone has a different technique for this.

So I'm trying to imagine exactly what you mean. Do you clunk them together like a toast? Or do you roll them at each other like marbles? Or something else?

Thanks for sharing this--I think we'll try it next year.

Hi there! smile

It's like a toast. It really is a lot of fun, albeit short-lived (the whole thing takes about a minute). But everyone looks forward to it every year.

Last year, I forgot to bring the eggs - they were sitting, nicely dyed and labeled, in my fridge at home. I realized this when we were an hour from our home and a few minutes from my folks' place. Luckily Wawa (our local convenience store chain) sells hardboiled eggs in 2-packs. I bought a bunch of packs and we wrote people's names on them with a sharpie. These are the lengths to which we go to continue the egg cracking tradition. crazy [I did remember the eggs this year! *whew*]