I just posted this under Applying for DYS in February but I thought I might get a few more answers if I started a new thread. I'd appreciate any info as I'm confused as what to do next. Here's my other post:

Hey Everyone.

Okay. I just got my e-mail. And it's not terrible but it's not what we were hoping for. They didn't deny us but they are asking for more information. Does anyone have any advice? We submitted The Wisc IV IQ test in which he qualifies (but it was just 2 years ago) and then a portfolio. This is what they are also asking:

The review committee would greatly appreciate additional information in the form of updated testing OR additional work samples in Jake�s areas of strength.

Please see below for more information:

Testing: You may submit at least one recent achievement or talent search/college placement test listed on the first website found below to assist the review committee in making a final determination regarding the application. The committee would prefer an individually administered achievement test; however, we understand this may not be feasible for every family and will accept one of the group administered talent search or college placement tests. Please see the links below for more information:

Qualification Criteria (for a list of the tests accepted for application to the Young Scholars program)


Article - A Place to Start: Is My Child Gifted? (for testing information)


Work samples: You may submit additional work samples to supplement any portfolio items you�ve already submitted. In order for the Review Committee to best assess your child�s abilities, please submit a portfolio of at least three pieces of the applicant�s work that best demonstrate his/her advanced abilities in academic areas. Independent work that is completed without the assistance of teachers or parents and is 2 to 3 grade levels above age peers is preferred. Some of the most informative samples have included intellectual activities the applicant has completed just for fun and completely on their own, such as math �doodles,� creative writing, or autonomous projects. Based on Jake�s application and areas of interest, you may wish to submit samples of math work that shows the steps he�s followed in problem-solving, or a DVD/CD recording in which he could discuss one of his interests, such as a science-related topic. In order for the portfolio items to be viewed in the context in which they were completed, please briefly describe each item, including the applicant�s age and grade level at the time of completion, as well as the circumstances of the work (i.e. if it was completed independently or as part of a school project, how many times the work was revised, how and why the applicant completed this particular piece of work, etc.).

Please submit these items within 1 year of the date of this email. Information submitted later than one year may require portions or the entire application to be updated.

Can anyone tell me the best way to go about this? I think testing would be better but if so which tests - especially with the limited dates and money being an issue. Also, can anyone give me examples of portfolio items that are 2-3 grades above their level - my DS is 9. Thanks so much and at least the waiting is over smile.


I would so appreciate any input or help.