Thank you so much for the article. It really is an interesting read. My 2 1/2 year old is already on her way and has been driving me nuts the last few weeks with what I call her negotiation tactics. Today it was cheese and her need for it. She insisted that she needed a slice of swiss cheese so I gave her a slice. Once done she said Now I need a slice of the other one. I argued she already had a slice but she came back with yes the swiss but not the other one. And besides she needs two slices. So I gave her the American cheese and she ate that piece and said she now needed the swiss ... Okay you already had the swiss cheese. Yes mommy (her response) but I didn't have two slices of the swiss. Great logic there with the fact that I gave in to two slices then she could argue it really meant two slices of each type. Yea ... I didn't give in to that thought process.

But the point is she is constantly finding an angle and negotiating at 2 1/2. I pity myself in a few years. But the article is very helpful in how I handle her negotiations.