As suspected, they did not get DYS qualifying scores. My son was VERY interested in benchmarking his results, so I dug up the 9th grade cutoffs for CTY, TIP, and DYS eligibility and put them on a post-it. I explained that some of the numbers on the post-it were about getting access to high-level classes, so getting those scores meant that you have the background knowledge and ability to benefit from the classes. He blew those out of the water, so I told him that was a good clue that he got a relatively good score for a 9th grader. And I explained that the DYS number was about identifying students that are so far different in their learning style that they have extra challenges with school and need extra supports and resources for navigating. So he's pretty much okay that he didn't quite hit that level. I do have a little bit of a what-if in the back of my head, given that he is in a low-rigor school system and didn't study at all. But it is what it is.

Anyway, he's already researched how/whether scores improve on a second sitting, and he figures that if there are tutoring programs that GUARANTEE a 150-point score increase, then between studying and already being familiar with the test format, it's not unreasonable for him to shoot for a 1600 when he takes it next. LOL. I've already tried to temper his expectations and remind him that he's going to have a heavier course load when he's a junior and might not have the time and energy to commit to single-minded pursuit of the SAT. But we'll see.

(My daughter, who was slightly in a grump for the test day but still put in decent effort, also blew the CTY and TIP benchmarks out of the water and also came in a bit shy of DYS. Unfortunately she's disappointed in her score for reasons I'm not sure of, since I think I told her that anything above 800 would be pretty decent for a 7th grader. But she's also already put it out of her mind, so eh.)