Hi. Our oldest son is 13 years old and is DYS via WISC-V testing at 8 years old. He got 19 in 4 subtests if I recall correctly, and he did the extended norms test. The results helped us guide his development over the past five years, namely single subject acceleration instead of full grade acceleration, and using a problem solving based vs traditional approach to learn math.

His younger brother, who is 5 years old and 3 months, is reading his sisterís books. She is 11 years old and entering 6th grade. He seem to comprehend most things in the books even though he doesnít know some of the words yet. There are numerous other things in his development that reminded us of how it was like when our oldest son was at that age. So we suspect our youngest is PG like his older brother.

The question I am asking is whether development at 5 years old is already stable enough where testing will give us actionable information to help guide his development. With our oldest son, the results from WISC-V at age 8 were detailed enough for us to identify his strengths and shape his independent education plan. I am wondering whether testing at age 5 (WPPI-IV I think?) can provide the same useful information, or at that age the child is still developing and itís not useful. Given that our oldest son is PG and our observation of our youngest son, we donít really need to know an actual score to confirm some level of giftedness. However if the test at 5 years old is like WISC-V that gives us actionable information to guide his development, we will pay for a test.


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