I forgot to mention it. There is no waiting list there and I am pretty sure they won't be full, so it would be extra money for them.

I will look at the organize activities, but the thing is that kids who take art classes usually love art and are good at it and so on. Regular art and regular music could be a better option for DS5. I may look if I find after school program thought.

There is a local homeschool group. They do have some activities I like and we will most likely attend one or two of them. Unfortunately none of them are drop offs as far as I know. I think DS5 and I could use a few scheduled hours without each other. He will still attend the gt weekend classes.

DS3 will go to the same play preschool like DS5 went when he was 3 and 4. He will have the same teacher, who really got DS5. When I told her that DS3 was reading as well, she seemed quite excited and said that he could read to the class.