As you probably know we have decided to hs DS5 next year. We would still like him to spend a few regular hours in school each week though. Our state doesn't allow p/t enrollment so public school is out.

I've visited/checked a few private schools which carter to homeschoolers and we found one which we like quite a lot, a small school, mixed ages, a lovely principal. They have academics in the morning and the fun stuff in the afternoon. We could send DS5 (then 6) there for 2 afternoons. Unfortunately it's not exactly close and we may not be able to figure out the logistics of PreK for DS3 (then 4) and this school.

I have a meeting with the director of DS5 Montessori and I want to discuss possible p/t enrollment. As far as I know the school has never done it before. I know that this is not a Montessori thing to do, but I also think it's worth asking and so does DS5's current teacher. I am not really interested in their regular classes, but I would like him to attend gym/music/art/dance and such which are usually taught by a different teacher. It may not work after all and the logistics of this may be even worse than the other school, but I want to check all the options available.

My main problem is that I don't want to offend them by hs DS5. I don't want the message to be "I can do better job than you." Unlike his current teachers the director is so sure the school can meet his needs. I am pretty sure the director will try to push me into f/t enrollment.

I may actually go the "Let him be a kid" road. After all one of the main reasons to homeschool him is the fact that neither us nor him like the idea of a full time school day. I may get her agree with that. Other than that I am pretty clueless.

One more thing. It may not really help that DS3 won't attend Montessori next year. It wasn't a good fit for him. I definitely want to end on a very good note, after all I still consider this school as a backup school in case hs turns out to be a disaster.