We've known our eldest was bright and when she was assessed at 6.5y between K & 1st, she tested as gifted, but due to her unmedicated ADHD the score was considered to be on the low end of her ability. Fast forward to now (9y, ending 3rd, & medicated) and through the school's testing on the WASI-II she had a FSIQ of 156.

I know DYS doesn't accept the WASI and we're in the process of getting a full neuropsych done so we'll have scores from an accepted test. But is there any known correlation between how kids score on the WASI and how it would relate to possible WISC scores?

Lastly, if she does end up getting qualifying scores, how much does the referral form matter to the process? She's definitely more of a 'still waters run deep' kind of child and even her teachers from last year were surprised to hear some of the audiobooks she was choosing to listen to at home. I don't get the sense that her teachers this year really get her (no gifted ed mandated by our state, no gifted programs in our regional area regardless of district, so no idea if they have any understanding/training on giftedness let alone 2e). If it weren't for her IEP and the resulting evaluations, I doubt there would be any thoughts/comments on her abilities as even with the school evaluations there's no discussion about them aside from a brief comment from the psychologist. After the year we've had, we're shifting to homeschooling her for next year so it's not like she'll have a different non-family teacher who may have a better understanding/appreciation of her.