Confidence Intervals and DYS

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Confidence Intervals and DYS - 04/15/22 10:15 AM

Will be applying for DYS as soon as wet our official IQ test report but I have a question. Are confidence intervals used or are they strict on median score? My child took the WISC and falls within the accepted score range but processing speed pulled down his FSIQ score. He is above criteria for acceptance with VECI but wondering if that is enough or if they might ask for further academic testing. Just looking for any advice.
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Re: Confidence Intervals and DYS - 04/19/22 05:21 PM

MM19, I replied to your earlier post and now will add a bit more information which may (or may not) be helpful, depending upon your child's particular test-taking circumstances and whether this information is new to you.


Sometimes the test administrator will include in the full written report any observations which they may have made during testing, such as a child becoming tired, hungry, bored, distracted, etc which may have affected concentration, focus, and ultimately the score.

For future testing, the articles in this old post may be of interest:

BTW, If your child's actual VECI score is above criteria for acceptance, that should be sufficient.
It was unclear to me from your post, whether your child's VECI was above criteria only if the confidence interval was taken into consideration... ?
Or did your question about the confidence interval only applied to the overall composite WISC score... ?
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Re: Confidence Intervals and DYS - 04/26/22 07:17 PM

Thank you so much. I thought my original post didnít go through🤪. Thank you for the feedback!
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Re: Confidence Intervals and DYS - 06/09/22 10:51 AM

My son got his acceptance letter today for DYS!!
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Re: Confidence Intervals and DYS - 06/10/22 07:02 AM

Excellent news, thanks for sharing!

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