Any insight as to what you can do for a non-compliant 4-yr old boy? Can a child psych do anything for this? Since his (child psych) tester today brought up his non-compliance during the 2-day test (and his pre-school teachers (too easy and boring), and other adults in settings where they want him to sit and be attentive like the other "good" children.). I did warn the psych to not act frustrated if my DS got silly; but he did and DS pushed his buttons.(ho hum) Will the right school setting do it for him? Will DS grow out of it? I haven't really seen any answers to this. Since he was slow to speak; he hasn't quite caught up verbally yet (but the psych said his vocabulary was very high); so most believe that he just has behavior problems for no apparent reason. What can be done other than trying to force him to comply, which obviously backfires for all who have tried? He is pretty compliant with DH and I; but it takes some work. Thanks!

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