I have a 6 year old 1st grader (turning 7 in June) who was recently tested into our highly capable program. She's got 160 (99% - cutoff 95%) on Cogat screener and was invited for further testing. Our district sets a very high bar for the full time gifted program - 99% for the full Cogat, at least 98% for IOWA Math or Reading and 99% for another subject. She didn't make it to the full time program but she made it to the part time program - at least 98% for the full Cogat, and 95% for IOWA Reading or Math. She scored at least 95% on both Reading and Math and was invited for 30 min a week pull-outs in both Math and Reading. 
Overall her stats are: 
Cogat screener - 160 (99%) 
Full Cogat - 160 (99%)
Iowa Reading 
Vocabulary - 75%,
Total Reading - 95%
Iowa Math 
Computation - 99%
Total Math - 96%

Overall I think the full time placement is not for her at this point. My other child who is 2.5 year older is in this program and I don't think she will be able to keep up with the intensity of it. 
A little bit more background information. Our kids are bilingual, we don't speak English at home and she was not exposed to any English speaking environment until roughly 2.5 years ago when she started pre-K. She was in an ELL program in K (her reading, listening, speaking and writing were all below cutoff)  and still in ELL but this year for writing only. I think that explains her relatively low score for the Vocabulary part.
Her math score is a little bit depressed due to the fact that there were questions in the test like money/measurement she was never exposed to. She spent almost the entire year in a remote learning setting, February through March, she did great learning wise but suffered socially, so when the district transitioned to the in person learning mode, we decided to send her to school.
She is now trying to make friends and fit in socially, so she is quite busy at school besides learning smile. But I know that in a year or so she will be in a desperate need for a more challenging curriculum. 
We plan to retest her next year (our school district allows retesting every year). Math wise I don't have any concerns despite the fact she doesn't learn anything at school and the school doesn't do any differentiation. But she has access to Dreambox via her school and according to the reports works on the 3rd/4th grade material. We also supplement with Beast Academy at home and she is a half way through BA2. I also plan to look at Common Core standards and make sure to cover all the areas before next Iowa.
But I'm at a loss for reading. She has a relatively low Vocabulary score and a bilingual kid. What is the way to increase and improve her vocabulary? I understand that reading itself is the best way to do that and I'm happy that her reading starts taking off, she likes Bad Kitty and Diary of the Wimpy Kid series, enjoys animals books, she also does Lexia via school account and on the last unit of the 3rd grade. Are there any other recommendations, what's about online apps or any specific books/genres? Our first child didn't seem to have any problems and scored high on the first try.
There is one thing I want to ask. This year our district didn't provide any information regarding Cogat/Iowa levels beforehand. We know (from other parents' reports) that Cogat this year was at a grade level since 2nd graders took an untimed picture based version of Cogat vs last year when it was timed and text based for 2nd graders. There were also rumors that Iowa was given a grade ahead. I also want to know her scores breakdown for Cogat (Verbal/Quantitative/Nonverbal) and raw scores (number of the correct answers)? Can I request all this information from the school district? What is the most polite way to do that - email/phone etc.?Thank you in advance for all your suggestions.