Hello everyone! I would love to get people's thoughts or experiences with schools that specialize in working with kids with stealth dyslexia (and 2E) students. We're applying to some schools (Athena Academy - not to be confused with Athena's Advanced Academy and possible with Charles Armstrong). We are currently homeschooling and have really enjoyed our (short) experience with it but 1.) we feel like our son is missing out on the social aspect of school 2.) teachers in his 1x a week classes don't really get a chance to know him and it helps to know him 3.) we learned of his "E" stealth dyslexia tendencies after we decided to homeschool. We feel like it would be better for him to learn in an environment where he gets help daily and it's integrated into his curriculum (vs therapy once or twice week.) Has anyone had their child in a school that caters to kids with dyslexia and did you feel it was a positive experience? Thank you! (I posted on FB DIG and 2E as well so my apologies if this is a repeat for some!)